clay munchkins™
Custom Holiday Keepsakes.Snowman and snow woman.Mommy penguin and baby.Yetis and abominable snowmen!Yetis and abominable snowmen!Yetis and abominable snowmen!Sea otters holding clams.Sea otters holding clams.Snowmen hugging with red birds.Beautiful toucans!Garibaldi fish!!Colorful octopuses!Yellow octopus!Penguins!A beautiful duck!A paddling of ducksSwans in a pond.Owls, made by four year old students at La Jolla Methodist.Beautiful butterflies made by four year olds...More butterflies!Birdcup, by Philip age 6.Birds with berries!More birds with berries!

Age four.BirdcupGlazing/Painting day at Birdrock Elementary!Glazing/Painting day at Birdrock Elementary!Glazing swans in a pond.Making swans in a lake.Four year old working on clay project.Clay fun!Bird cupsBird cupWorking with coils.Showing beautiful muddy hardworking hands!Coil building with six year olds.Coil-building with six year olds.Making birds eating berries with four year old's.Working with clay is so much fun!!
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San Diego based Clay Munchkins' objective is to guide children in the "hands-on" approach to create whimsical zoomorphic creatures out of natural clay. Students explore different techniques such as pinch, coil and slab-building with non-toxic lead free glazes. All of the work is fired in a kiln twice. Projects include animals from ants to zebras to bears to dinosaurs and every creature in between. Clay classes help build self-esteem and push your child's imagination. They benefit the emotional, creative, intellectual and physical development of young children. The ceramic keepsakes are treasures for years to come.

Amy Mayfield received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006. She has taught at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Lillstreet Art Center, is an active member on the advisory board of The New Children's Museum and works with many museums throughout San Diego. She has redirected her passion from making art into teaching clay and other workshops to enrich and nurture childrens' innate desire to learn, create and experiment.