• Work from home camp! March 16th through March 27th 2020

    Working from home? Clay Munchkins is having a special camp program from 9AM to 1PM to help make your kids new-found free time creative and fun! Each camp will be held from 9AM to 1PM

    300.00 per week per child

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  • After-School Enrichment:
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    We work in public and private schools throughout San Diego County. Enrichment programs are available during and after school hours.
    Four week course:
    In this class students will make a minimum of three creations. They will work with wet clay during the first three classes and the final class will be dedicated to glazing. Each piece is bisque and glaze fired in a kiln at 2000 degrees. All work is wrapped accordingly and delivered one week after the last class.
    Ten week course:
    In this class students will make a minimum of nine creations. The general structure is the same as the four week class, however, it is repeated in order to make many more lovely creations!

  • Pay via cash or check to Amy Mayfield
    Please refer to your registration form to determine the dollar amount of tuition. Please use your child's full name and school on the check and/or envelope. If you have any questions or need clarification, please email us.

  • Clay Munchkins Birthday Parties:
    Break everyone's birthday party expectations and get a hands-on, fun, sensory fulfilled and authentic ceramic experience! We come to your house or park and instruct an amazing creation. Children feel successful, empowered and confidant afterwards!

    We can fire all creations and return within 2 weeks for $99. Artist's can receive a mini set of acrylic's and brush for $2/ea and they can finish their sculpture at home.

    $235 for 10 children for 1 1/2 hours (not including firing and glaze fee). $15 for each additional child. Request a Clay Munchkins Party Now!

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